Hi Matthew & Kelly,
Thank you very much for a lovely Christmas card...always pleased to see the overwhelming customer service which you have provided. I still have my Porsche 996 but it never gave me quite the excitement as the TVR Cerbera 4.5 which I purchased in from you in March 2002. The Porsche yes it is more refined and for an everyday car I can see its practicality but the TVR was exhilarating and challenging. In spring time next year I would be interested to buy a TVR Tuscan from yourself. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

Kind Regards
Christian Hesselhoj

1998 TVR CERBERA 4.5

Dear Matthew & Kelly,
Just a brief note to say thanks again for supplying my mother with the Mercedes SLK from your stock a few weeks ago. You will be pleased to hear the plate transfer and the balance of the documentation came back from DVLA last week and mum is now enjoying driving it fitted with her no. plate etc. Finally I will keep an eye on your stock, but do let me know if you get any Porsche 964/993 Carrera 2 Coupe’s.

Kind regards & Best wishes
Matthew Stears


Dear Nutley Sports & Prestige,
This very short e-mail is just to say a massive thank you for all of your help and efforts in allowing the smooth purchase of the bright Yellow Caterham Super 7, If you had not already guessed I am the young soldier who drooled over the car for three days before buying it, thanks again so much, I am now in Bosnia I miss the car so much.

All the best
Mr J. Aldridge

1997 CATERHAM 7 1.6

Matthew and Kelly,
Again thanks for all your help and preparing a very nice car. I still have a fixed 'Cheshire Cat' grin from a great ride home yesterday, beautiful day today so off to little one's school to see how wide his grin will be. Anytime you are over this side of the country give me a ring and I'll show what the really big toys are like. A fast jet still doesn't beat the Griffith to 60mph but the top end is a little higher.... good luck in the Caterham Racing.

Mr Daryol Laws
Heavy Aircraft Test Squadron