Dear Matthew
Thank you very much for selling the MG Midget to me. Our home trip went very well and I am extremely pleased with the car. I am most certainly going to look after it for many years to come. 
If you do come across a Triumph TR7 in a shape as good as the Midget - please let me know. I would be very interested in buying that as well. 
PS - Your new website is looking very sharp. Keep up the good work !

Kind regards
Martin Ulsfort
1979 MG MIDGET 1500

Hi Matthew,
 I absolutely love the C Type MG. I do have a lot to learn it's quite a machine. So different than my  other T Series MG'S. I am recovering from a left shoulder problem so I haven't driven it too terribly much.   Shifting with the left arm and hand is tough but I'm getting there. Just thought I'd let you know it's great. And it's remarkable that it literally came through shipping without one scratch. 

Ken Balkin


Hallo Matthew,
Congratulations for your new homepage ! It`s superb, because up to date and fresh. It`s a pleasure for every motor enthusiast to watch it regulary.
I`m enjoying the GT V8 and it`s still in the same mint condition as I purchased it. The car is running faultlessly and has got a clear waxed underside in the meantime. It is regulary serviced but I`ve driven just 2000 mls to events and for short trips. The GT is now garaged because I`m using my RV8 more in the summer and for holiday trips. I´m owning this car in oxfordblue from new which is one of the only 60 RV8s officially exported by Rover to Germany. Exactly my RV8 is also mentioned in David Knowles book “MG V8”. So I`ve got two famous MG V8s and I`m still proud of them.

Best wishes from Germany 
Hello Matthew & Kelly,
Hope you are having a good journey. Have just had a trip to Fishguard and a slightly roundabout route home - smiles all round. What a beautifully capable car !
Good to see you
Brenda & Lionel

2006 BMW 325Ci